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Good news. Phew!

February 26th, 2019 at 04:19 pm

More good news, y'all!

Well, I got good news last Friday: I’m still in the small minority (25 percent) of kidney cancer patients who are “significant responders” to immunotherapy. In August, my tumor was an egg. (For me, egg = death). In November, it was a walnut. Last Friday, it was a grape-almond. As in, smaller than a grape and slightly larger than an almond. So yay. Shrinkage. Another miracle.

To celebrate, I'll leave you with this hilarious segment by comedian Wanda Sykes about diagnosing people with fruit. It makes me laugh every time because it’s so true.

So yes. I’m a grape-almond miracle. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be a pea next time.

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