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Mortgage goal met. Hazzah!

October 10th, 2015 at 12:52 pm

I'm so happy I could tap dance. We exceeded our pay off goal for the mortgage for the year today, and it's only October. I'm going to get this darn house paid off if it's the last thing I do!

The goal for the year was to get the balance to 27,500. Today, we're at 26,854-- about 645 below our goal. If we keep it up to the end of the year, we'll be at around $23,500. It's so close I can taste it. (If we can keep up the same pay off rate next year, we'll be at less than $10k by next December. Wishful thinking!)

Other work news

I had a random freelance project this week that paid $!284 for three business days of work. It was very easy and it came along at just the right time.

I was very restless about my life and my career and every day being the same-- taking care of little kids, running them to activities, so it came along at just the right time. It gave me an outlet to use my brain and make me feel still relevant in my career field. And it was really nice to be out of the house in adult world for three days.

Also, I was lamenting the low balance of my IRA and wondering how I was going to drum up the money to max it out for the year. Once the last check arrives for this project, I will be much much closer. That's a relief. Win Win!