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Free House Projects

Cheap and free home improvement list

Take stuff to goodwill
Take stuff to Habitat Restore/ recycle cans same day

-Hack down invasive honeysuckle (brush chipping service?)
-Scrape the peeling paint in the master bathroom
-Clean out my basement office

-power wash the house

-Sweep/clean organize the garage.
-install hinges on kitchen cabinet

-cut down dead cedar in the yard.

-trim honeysuckle, replant evergreens

-Clean walls in dining room
-clean walls in living room
-clean walls in hallway.

-sort/organize boys toy room
-sort/organize my closet
-Go through my drawers and discard unused/ ill-fitting clothes.

2017 Money projects

repaint white wall in living room
hang shelves on either side of the fireplace
call siding company to look at back shingles
call carpenters for porch supports