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some setbacks

August 11th, 2018 at 02:48 am

We had some big setbacks this summer. My cancer medicine gave me a rare serious side effect called PRES syndrome. I went to the ER thinking I was having a stroke and had three seizures, then the doctors were convinced the cancer had spread to my brain. Good news; I survived. No cancer in brain, just the Syndrome. I was in the hospital for 8 days.

My first round medicince has stopped working. The tumors didn't grow gangbusters, but they grew enough. Now I go for immunotherapy infusions every 3 weeks. I've had one, and ended up in the hospital for 5 days with a Urinary Tract Infection. I felt like they would just not let me go, and they treatments they gave me there just kept me getting sicker.

The hospital is very good. They leave no stone unturned, but when you only went to the er because the nurse line wanted to be cautious and we feel otherwise fine, it's just too many stones.

For instance I had to have two blood transfusions because all the IV fluids they gave me were bringing down my blood numbers....Ugh.

Spending 13 days of july-aug. in the hospital really did change me. It freaked me out. I don't want to go back again. I don't want to spend the rests of my life going in and out of the hospital. It's not how I envisioned it. I thought I'd just be normal until hospice, then I would decline at home. That' how it went for my dad and grandpa and I hope I get the ease of the same.