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swimming against adversity

June 30th, 2008 at 04:52 pm

Things are still challenging.
The bean is three months old and still doesn't sleep through the night. dad is dying rapidly of pancreatic cancer.

I have managed to carve out some (very little) time for me, despite it all. Last week,I actually went shopping for fun. Not normally my style, but hey, when in a pinch.

Our savings plan is still moving along nicely. Although, June was expensive. We had to pay $648 to have our storm damaged trees saved and to have some damaged shrubs removed. It's been storming here almost every day for two weeks, and three of those nights were brutal, with tornado sirens blaring to 3 or 4 am.

We also are paying another $300 to have our hot tub fixed. Normally, I am very frugal and conservative, But last summer we bought a hot tub, used of course. It's been a more expensive project than I ever imagined. But we play a lot of sports, and sitting in a whirly hot bath when you have a knee injury or a pulled whatzit is really worth paying for.

That's all, except that I'm ashamed that I haven't made any money for the tiki challenge for a whole month. I guess I can forgive myself, considering.


June 18th, 2008 at 04:01 pm

Two weeks ago I found out my dad is dying of pancreatic cancer. I'm overwhelmed and haven't sorted out my feelings, so I will keep it brief. We don't have much time. Maybe another 1 to 6 weeks.

I just lost both of my grandparents. Grandma in July 2006 and Grandpa in July 2007. Now this. I wonder how much more I can bear.

Berries, Crock Pots and other crack pot ramblings

June 11th, 2008 at 03:16 am


Life is really hectic.

baby bean, at 10 weeks, still sleeps no longer than 3 hours in a stretch. I'm starting to wonder how long I can keep this up! Add in that all day long he wants to be carried around the house-- if I put him down, he screams- and I am one tired lady.

That said, I am trying to get in the habit of cooking, because we can't just eat take out forever. Well, we could, but..

So, I bought a crock pot, which has allowed me to throw random ingredients in, turn it on when beaner finally passes out at midnight, and then have at least something inexpensive and reasonably healthy to eat in the morning.

Note: I am looking for good crock pot cookbooks if you have any suggestions

So far this week: I've made one pot roast and tonight I am making a lentil bean/ Okra stew that my hubby is excited about.(I didn't tell him it was a mainstay of my diet as a 20 year old broke waitress.)

Also, the $6 strawberry patch I planted has yielded at least 12 quarts of berries so far, and I still have more to pick. You can't beat the ROI for homegrown organic fruit!

That said, I have done absolutely nothing for the tiki challenge this month.And, well, nothing in my actual freelance career lately. It seems that until that kid sleeps through the night, all bets are off!

Strawberries- organic, fresh and cheap!

June 6th, 2008 at 01:12 am

I planted a 1 foot by 3 foot strawberry patch last summer and it has finally paid off. We've collected about 5 quarts from this very small plot so far, and I'm sure there will be plenty more in the coming days. I froze about 2 quarts and we ate the other 3. The hubby said they were the best strawberries he has ever had. I tend to agree.

So, for about $6 in plants, we've had several days of fresh, organic strawberries. Money well spent.