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First week of No Spend Month

February 7th, 2014 at 01:24 pm

Well, things are going okay for our frugal February no spend month. We have $600 for the month ($300 each pay period).

I thought I'd be the problem, turns out it's hubby! He's killing us financially by always taking the kids out to eat. Argh. He's taken them out twice this week, for a total of $60! Seems like he just automatically takes them out after their sports activities, and doesn't tell me in advance, so I can't even pack him a coupon (which I had, so I'm extra steamed.)

Anyway, we did great on the grocery front. But, we are starting with a freezer full of meat and other foods, and a pantry full of canned garden produce. This would be harder, I admit, if we were starting with bare cabinets. I do suspect it will get harder at the end of the month, as the reserves go.

Here is a round-up of the first week's expenses:
Week 1:
$25- lunch at Five Guys, to celebrate DS1's swim promotion
$30- Steak and Shake dinner (boys. Hubby is killing the budget!)

$76.61- Groceries, includes, and more:
org. cherry tomatoes, melon, bananas
5 lb red potatoes
sh. cheddar cheese, bread
$15 in kid fun food splurges because they're eating at home more
2 gal organic milk
organic kids yogurt
3 on sale fluorescent light bulbs
1 container organic raisins
1 pack smart dogs meatless hot dogs

$18, Peets coffee, for hubby's coffee addiction

$4.20, kids treat out at favorite bakery on school snow day

$8, indoor soccer session for hubby.

Week 1 total= $161.81

So yes. Overall, I think we did well. I just need to reign in hubby on eating out. Without last night's foray to fast food, we would have ended the week $20 under budget, now we're 10 over. And, if I point out that those two meals out means $60 we COULD have sent to the mortgage instead, maybe that will make the point clear.

2 Responses to “First week of No Spend Month”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think my husband would be the downfall in a low spend month too. Good luck next week!!

  2. snafu Says:

    For 1st foray into Frugal February you're doing good with DH who's treating DKs to meals out in spite of your spending on fun food? [is fun food for kids & bakery junk food?] What can you do to reward DH so that he'll get on board with your project? Can you do something special to avoid a Valentine meal out to help mitigate the $ 60. spend earlier in the month?

    Do you think it's fair to put non edibles like light bulbs on your food budget? ...just a thought

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