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Xmas shopping already...

August 18th, 2013 at 07:34 am

It feels weird to say I've started Christmas shopping.
I always say "oh, I wish i'd grab X for X when I had the chance," or, sometimes I know what I want to get someone but can't find it when it's time.

I'm trying to solve those problems. I buy a lot of vintage gifts for people, so shopping way ahead gives me plenty of time to find the right piece.

This week, I bought two vintage 1950s bracelets for my friends teen daughters. (They like fashion...), and a mint pair of leather cowgirl boots for my bff. She will love them.

I am also shopping using my point on amazon, for "free" christmas gifts. I bought my youngest son some godzilla/ultraman monster toys because that is what he is really into now. For my sister, I got the veggie steamer pot she's been wanting forever. For no out of pocket. I could get used to that!

2 Responses to “Xmas shopping already...”

  1. IndianGal Says:

    It makes total sense to do so. Not weird at all. I do the same. I purchased a gold plated bracelet for my mother at Kohl's yesterday with promotional coupons, rewards and very little out of pocket.

  2. terri77 Says:

    I shop all year long. Sometimes I end up with presents left over from the previous year. That's definitely true this year. I just give them out as birthday presents & Christmas presents the following year.

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