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You'll never believe how crazy this week has been!

June 13th, 2013 at 04:30 pm

I'm still recovering from a very busy, tiresome but amazing weekend.

On the family front, we had a few days slip where no one got any chores done, but it's to be expected when you are on the go, I suppose.

Friday, Dh and I went on a date to see a band and go to our friend's 40th birthday party.

Saturday, DS 1 had a sleepover, and the rest of us when to our friend's house for another birthday party, and stayed out way too late. DS2 was exhausted!

Then Sunday, we went to family fun day at the park and did archery and fishing with the kids.

Here is where it gets crazy!!

Monday, was ladies' night with my two best girlfriends. We went to see a solo show for one of our favorite rock stars. It was in an amazingly small venue, and there were maybe 100 people there. It was so great. We're used to seeing him in giant stadium shows. But this time, we were maybe 10 feet from the stage, and it was just as good if not better of a show!

Here is the kicker. We actually got to meet him, get an autograph, and get a photo with him. He was very nice and gracious. So yeah, we're all still high on that experience, the "I can't believe I got to meet..."

My one friend is still so excited. Nothing like that has ever happened to her before and I thought she was going to pass out talking to him, she was so excited. That made it even better, at least for me, to see her so happy.

Here was our close-up view:

Now, I'm trying to catch up with work (as always).

I filed my last story of the gig I've given up, so I am officially finished. it's still scary to give up money, even though I know it's totally worth it!

I'm still waiting to see what my olife will be like without that, with kids in summer camp occasionally, and a giant summer project to finish by Aug. 1. By fall, I'm hoping I might actually have time to work on the many many many personal and household projects that have been on hold for the past three years.

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