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Decision is made.

March 3rd, 2013 at 04:07 pm

Some of you know I've been wrestling with a particularly low-paying but time intensive weekly freelance project. I think I've decided to let it go.

It's hard to say no to money these days, but looking at how much I'm actually making for the amount of work and hassle after taxes, is eye-opening. And, after contemplating its impact on my stress level, time with the kids, and all of that. Well, you know how that goes!

Something just clicked inside me. It's like a switch flipped. It happened last week. Two things happened:

First, my editor on this project called freaking out about the schedule and moving around the stories, making it sound like I had screwed up what was filed when. After at first being stressed, i realized I hadn't done anything wrong, they messed up on their end, and she was blaming me. (And, the phone call was really all for nothing, as everything was still on track even with the supposed mistakes, and nothing really needed to be done on my part. ) Anyway, I think that was it.

After that, when I got calls or emails about this project, I just kind of glossed over. I genuinely didn't care anymore. That is usually a sign!

Second thing: The kids had a special educational program at the zoo. It gave me an extra four hours one week to myself (luxury). Anyway, I sat and worked on my novel for the first time in six months. It felt great, and that satisfaction lasted a week. It's really time to do more avocation than vocation right now. I'm not getting any younger.

So yeah, I'll be losing about $400 a month before taxes in liquid income, but only about $120 a monthly after taxes, and I will have time to edit that novel and start working on the next in the series.

The only snag-- breaking up with the project. I need to give my editor notice enough to find someone. I was thinking of staying until the end of May. My plan is just to lay out the numbers, versus the time and my actual hourly rate, and say I just can't work for so little anymore. I don't want it to be personal, as my editor is also my friend. My fear, though, is that they won't be able to find someone to take over for me for so little money, and they'll try to give me more, which will put me in a tight spot.

So yeah, decision is made.

In other news, we sent $3,000 extra to the mortgage today. I want it paid off!!

2 Responses to “Decision is made. ”

  1. scfr Says:

    It sounds like you made a very good decision.

    Back when I had my little business, one of the first calls was from a potential client who would have paid very well but was demanding to the extreme (frankly ... bizarre). Every time I spoke with her, I felt my stomach tying up in knots. I seriously wrestled with the idea of turning down the money, and questioned how I could even think of doing that when my business was brand new. I did end up turning her down, and never regretted it! Before too long, I had more business than I could handle with WONDERFUL clients.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Might they end up offering more money? If they do, have you thought about how much you'd do the job for? Maybe there isn't any amount that would make you do it.. Smile
    It's great that working on your novel is making you so happy - you deserve it.

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