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Ash Wednesday tidbits

February 13th, 2013 at 04:00 pm

Ash Wednesday isn't nearly as in-your-face as it was when I lived in New Orleans. There, the contrast between the awesomeness of mardi gras and the quiet somber (hung over!) tone of Ash Wednesday made it much easier to switch gears. Up North, it's like just another weekday!

Anyway, to make my catholic heritage, I'm trying to switch gears for the next 40 days. Not sure what I'm changing yet, but I'm working on it. Right now, I've got a pot of vegetarian chili on the stove. A good way to ring in the season.

In other news, the $700 I sent to the mortgage principal finally posted today. Hazzah! We're down to $70, 193. So close I can taste it. This week's actual mortgage payment will get us below $70,000. It always feels good to get into a number with a smaller number up front.

Hubby will also (fingers crossed) hopefully be getting his annual bonus soon. Now that our tax refund is pretty much zero, this is our one big windfall every year. I think it will all go to ef savings this year. It could be moved later if need be.

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