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It's been a busy few months...

October 8th, 2012 at 08:04 am

I just realized I haven't posted much lately. Things have been crazy.

We have the two boys settled into their MWF preschool routine. They love school, which really helps. I did however *think* having them both in preschool close to home, compared to driving 60 miles RT to the old sitter who is also my best friend, would really revolutionize my life. In certain ways it has. I used to have to work, at night, after the kids went to bed to make my deadlines. Let me tell you I did not feel like writing articles for newspapers and magazines after all day chasing a 2 and 4 year old. Now, I can write while they are in school, and I sometimes have a couple hours to go to yard sales ALONE. Yeah!

The bad thing is they are done by 1, and I still have to fill a very long 6 hours before hubby gets home,w e eat dinner, and start bedtime. They're active kids, so it's been rough. We got into a fall routine of going to the park with school friends after school (love their moms. They're desperate to fill the days too!), but now it's getting cold so we'll need a new strategy!

In other news, part of the reason I've been so busy is I've been doing a lot of work for a newswire service. I live in Ohio (election swing state) and there have been a lot of election-related voting rules lawsuits that national news people are suddenly interested in, so I've been covering those hearings. I think I've made about $900 I hadn't planned on for that work, and we still have a few more weeks before the election. That is nice.

I have turned down some other projects, just because of burn out or because the kids hadn't started school yet and the kids were out of town. I feel bad, because I love it when the check comes, but sometimes, it's just too much!

Financially, things have been a little strained. Pre-school comes with a big $783 monthly bill. It's a little more than what we were paying for school/sitter, but I paid the sitter weekly so it was easier to budget. I've had to dip into savings to cover bills this month, something I try to avoid. We did buy the sofa bed for the in-laws (long story), and a lounge chair for hubby when he works at home, so that was part of it.

Hopefully I can get us back on track. I'm not worried much about Christmas. I have most of the kids' gifts from craigslist and yard sales, and we make food gifts for our friends. I just have to finish up hubby, mom, and the in-laws, plus teachers, etc. geesh. Now that I say that, it sounds like a lot!

Still, it feels nice to have a paid off car, and we are chipping away at the mortgage balance ($10,000 of principal so far this year!) . I'm thinking the $900 extra freelance will go to my IRA and more to the mortgage.

Oh, and speaking of, I bought some paint at Home Depot. it had a rebate. They sent me a stupid prepaid credit card as the rebate. This is the second time this has happened. I prefer the check, because then I can snowflake it to the mortgage. I'm really hating the debit card rebate!!!! Hubby did also get a freelance check for $55 that I plan to put toward the mortgage as well, so you know, little joys in life!!

3 Responses to “It's been a busy few months...”

  1. snafu Says:

    Thanks for the head's up on Home Depot's rebate system. Can you re-sell their pre paid credit card? Do you like their paint product? How does it compare to the products sold by Lowe's? sorry for questions

    Do your tykes still have nap time or the rest time they would be familiar with at playschool? If you've gotten to know the moms at the park who would like to trade off two hours playdate/babysitting? Is there a teenager on your street who would come play for two hours after school for a fee?

    Perhaps your library has a good series of programs for pre school/kindergarten children. Our community has a long list of free or low cost programs like mom & tot swim class, gymnastics, Puss 'n Boots Dance class, Children's and kiddies have a 'craft' class sponsored by a nearby Craft shop.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    The Behr Premium paint at HD and the Valspar premium paints are very good and worth the extra money in what they save you in coats of paint and time. I'll probably use the rebate card at a store where I'd normally pay cash, I guess.

    The kids don't nap anymore, and frankly, teenagers these days are so busy with activities and building their college resumes that none of them babysit, or if they say they do, you can never get them to commit or work out a time. Sad times for parents!

    My mom friends are too overwhelmed to take two more kids, they both have four each, most preschool ages, and have that look of exhausted desperation. We're all just trying to get through the day. We have lots of activities we do, many for free and at the librabry, but the reality of two small active boys is they have infinite energy, and mom doesn't, and I get tired just shuffling them to many activities then sitting through the mostly mind-numbing preschool programs. Some are fun, but really, how many times do I need to hear "finger-popping" or the itsy bitsy spider!!

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    I use those credit card rebates at the grocery store!

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