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$3 left and waffles

June 16th, 2012 at 08:03 pm

So, the results of the first week of our new budget of $250 a week for everything (for a family of four). I made it with $3 to spare.

The included treating my mom and sister to dinner and a 3D movie last night, which we'd been planning for weeks. So, that is good! We also went to a kid's b-day party and gifted $10 cash.

My weak spot, so far as I can tell, is the farmers market. I pick up my CSA farm share every Saturday, and I also buy all of our meat there from a local free-range farm. I always pick up some odds and ends, and I love supporting local farmers, but the money really adds up.

Thanks to the farmers market and grocery shopping, I now only have $80 left for this week. (bought three beautiful and spendy steaks to grill for father's day.)

The gas tank (fill up only cost $5.44, thanks to grocery store discounts!) and the fridge are full. That bodes well!

My mom and I also hit two church rummage sales this morning. I picked up a new in box waffle maker. I had actually been debating buying one this week. The kids love waffles and eat a lot of them for quick breakfasts. Eggos are $5 a box reg. price.

IF the wafflemaker works out, I think it could save me a lot of money. I can set aside some time to make a lot of waffles and freeze them, and I can add some more healthy ingredients to them, as well. We'll see how that goes. Best laid plans, right?

I also replaced our dying air popcorn popper for $2. We use ours a lot, so this was great. The kids have had a blast with it, as well. I think we've had popcorn for snacks at least 3 times this week.

My son spent the $3 in his wallet on a giant box of hotwheels cars, and two bulldozers. He loved it, and it was a good lesson. He saw how much more he got for his money buying used as opposed to Target or the toy store.

My basement office is almost finished as well. Well, the part I can't do myself is almost finished. I hired out the electrical, framing,and drywall. Soon, I will begin the sanding and painting. Not sure what the final bill is yet for the contractor, but I find out Monday. Hopefully it won't be a shock!

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like you scored some great deals.

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