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Gas mileage, et al

April 24th, 2012 at 12:49 am

I'm not imagining it. I really am always in the car since I moved to the new house.

This week, I drove: 229 miles @ 36.5 mpg
last week, I drove: 364.7 @ 37.8 mpg
The week before, I drove:428.8 at 37 mpg

Looks like 229 is a normal week, and 364 is a normal every other week because it includes a trip to my mom's so one of the grandkids can spend the night. geesh. Since the sitter/my best friend lives 60 miles round trip away, that is 120 miles a week I can't do without.

I anticipate this number will drastically decrease in fall, when both kids start going to the same preschool that is less than a mile from home, and no longer go to my best friend and babysitter's house. Until then, I'll just try to cut where I can and look for gas discounts.

Today's spending: $34 on groceries, $5 at CVS, $13 for lunch.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I have been following the gas prices in the States while overseas and it is amazing how much they bite into the budgets of people who have to drive a lot... like you. It may be cheaper in the States than in Europe, but it still leads to a problem when there is no insurance that the costs are going anywhere but up, and wages aren't! Good luck, and I hope that it does taper off once preschool starts.

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