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Spending update, and home office project

April 19th, 2012 at 01:39 am

Tuesday 4/17 $48 at grocery store

Wed 4/18 $11 lunch
$45 at Target (printer ink, bubbles, kids' socks, etc.)
$20 family dinner at Five Guys
$8.15 library fines.

geesh. This challenge is really making me think about how much money my family spends on meals out and groceries. More than I thought.

Also ran a mile today and trained with personal trainer for 1 hour. (I get a deep discount through the Y).

Anyway, I am cleaning out the large, icky concrete block and concrete floor room in the basement that we will soon be finishing into my sweet home office and sewing room.

I've been sorting through boxes that have pretty much been sitting there untouched for 1 year, since we moved in. I've found a bunch of old pictures, and a bunch of papers that made me think... why do I have this? So yes, the recycling bins are extra full this week. I also refinished the last of the 4 foot wide bookcases my grandpa made me before he died. Much of the paper stuff from my office will hopefully be housed there.

I'm trying to have a keep eye for tossing, selling, and sorting. I'm tired of living with so much stuff.

I ran across a few things I might be able to sell, like my old Pentax K1000 camera and lenses, and I'm considering giving up my collection of 1960s knitting books and vintage sewing patterns. I'm sure there are some crafters out there who could make better use of it! I may also sell my 1950s desk with the kidney bean shaped top and my blue formica and chrome table.
They are great pieces, but they just don't work for me anymore. Boo.

8 Responses to “Spending update, and home office project”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    I've been going through sewing patterns and books, too. I like them, but like you say, I think someone could get better use, and I am enjoying getting rid of things!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Good job tossing what you don't need!! I had to smile when I saw you were at Five husband just went there today for the first time and told me about it otherwise I would have no idea what that was. Smile

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Today was my first time, too. It was okay, but it didn't wow me. Then again, it takes a lot to wow me!

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Another funny SA coincidence: NT and I were at Target, and one of the things we bought was a pack of kids' socks. Smile
    I love the Getting Things Done method of dealing with paper stuff, which is put every scrap of it in a giant pile, then look at each piece of paper and decide is it "actionable," reference or trash? If it's reference, file it away in an A-Z folder, if it's trash, trash it, and if it's actionable, decide the next action and put it on your to-do list or on a calendar (if it's not to be done right away). Then, since it's been captured in your to-do system, either trash it (if you don't need the hard copy) or file it. Just keep one A-Z file for everything; don't try to store different types of papers different places. It's worked really well for us.

    And now that I've done it for crap that had been piling up for a decade (took me about a week of sporadic work), I can even let things pile up for a couple weeks, and it only takes me an hour or so to clear out my whole inbox using the same process.

  5. ThriftoRama Says:

    I like that filing method. And, I feel like I am always buying socks. I have no idea where they disappear to.

  6. rob62521 Says:

    I keep teasing a friend they need to come and go through my stuff because they could throw stuff out without having an emotional attachment to it. Good job on your part!

  7. ThriftoRama Says:

    I think I'm just kind of at the point in my life where too much stuff is a burden, and I don't want to have to sort it, take care of it, or worry about it, so it has to go. Dh is the same way. Less is much more.

    The weird thing is all members of both our families hold on to stuff, even stupid stuff. His dad still has computer punch cards from a job in the 80s. Why would be keep that???

  8. Jerry Says:

    It's nice that your old stuff may be able to lead to some income through eBay or other avenues. My mom has kept mostly stuff that it largely worthless, but she can't seem to part with it. It's kind of sad, actually. I mean, if she had some insurance that it was worth something, OK, but random junk? Sigh.

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