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April 15th, 2012 at 02:28 pm

April 14: No Spend Day

April 15: $44.83 on bulk organic tea bags. Ran out. This lasts a couple of months.
19 cents Copies of tax documents. (Yes, I'm that guy.)
$33.81 for milk and misc groceries

April 16:
$10 lunch
$68 groceries, stock up on manager's special english muffins, got cream, 6 cans of bacardi drink mixers (restocking for date night and surprise guests), blueberries, apples, organic yogurt, etc.

Miles driven for the week:
364.7 @ 37.8 mpg

No wonder I felt like I was always in the car. I am. It's depressing! I know the number of miles will drop a lot in fall, when both kids start going to preschool close to home, rather than to the sitter, but it's going to be a real pinch to reduce miles between now and then.

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