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Spending and pink eye!

April 13th, 2012 at 07:51 pm

Here are the expenses. And I wonder where all my money goes. Now I know, and I don't like it! Ugh.

April 12:
$90 swim lessons for DS1
$8.97 3 cartons of Breyer's on sale at Walgreens
$25.25-- lunch out with hubby and DS2 (Indian)
$36.17-- fill up @ $3.67 a gallon

April 13:
$15 Dr. copay for DS2
$36 lunch with DH and DS2 (DH's idea. Cuban. Good, but spendy!)
$20 for pink eye prescription
$17.38 for organic milk and pedialyte

Today was payday, so $150 went to EF, and $2100 ($430 extra) was paid toward the mortgage. All CC bills were paid today as well. I will be sending $519 to city income tax this weekend as well.

As for that pinkeye...

My youngest and I had the flu last week and finally got over it, but now the littlest has pinkeye and a slight fever. He goes to the doctor today. Poor little guy can't catch a break. It seems like with toddlers, illnesses just kind of cluster together and go on forever. Last year we had a 6 week stretch with two rounds back to back of ear infections and pink eye for both kids. They just kept swapping the pink eye back and forth.

The Doc says this may be a resurgence of the virus we had last week. She confirmed the pinkeye, and sent a strep sample off to the lab just in case (it tested negative in the office, but better safe than sorry). Poor little guy. He's 2 and gets really pitiful and snugly when he's sick.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    Oh, sorry! Pinkeye is the worst, and it is SO infectious. Sorry that it leads to unexpected costs like insurance copays and prescriptions for you, too. Good luck with getting clear eyes at your place soon!

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