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daily expense, basement redo, and tax refund.

April 11th, 2012 at 07:54 pm

April 11 expenses: $15.41 lunch out, work day. No more spending planned for today, although sometimes DH takes DS1 out for cheeseburgers after swim class, so that might add another $8 for the two of them.

In other news, our federal tax refund of $4,696 and state refund of $433 posted to the checking account today. I'll use some of it to pay the city tax ($591, plus maybe more for the city where we used to live), put some toward the car loan (haven't decided how much), and reserve the rest for an electrician to wire my future office in the basement and to finish my basement office.

We have a modestly-priced finishing of a currently unfinished basement room planned, to turn it into my sewing room and home office. I'm trying to keep the cost to $2,000 or less with materials and labor. it might not be possible, but I'm trying!

Right now it's a blank slate. Concrete block walls, concrete floor, open ceiling, etc. Maybe 15 by 20 feet. It will involve putting up a ceiling, framing out an entire wall into closet storage, putting up furring strips and hanging some sort of wall panels, and flooring.

My friend is a contractor and has already agreed to take on the job. He charges very reasonable rates, because he has little overhead in his business. It's just him and a truck.

I have kind of an idea of what I want, but have just started looking at materials and options. It's exciting, but overwhelming!

Oh, and I sold our 4 year old $25 Ikea high chair on craigslist today for $10. One less thing to trip over.

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