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gas saving, pay day, weight loss and ham

April 2nd, 2012 at 09:12 pm

I tracked my gas mileage this week, to see if maybe changing my driving habits would save me money. I averaged between 38 and 41 mpg, so now I'm thinking boosting mileage might not the way to go. I don't think I can do much better!

Now, I'm tracking how many miles I drive in a normal week, then I will set a target to reduce that by some reasonable amount. Some trips for work and the babysitter I can't undo, but every mile helps, right?

I got paid for an extra freelance gig today-- $549. I sent $349 to savings and $200 to my IRA. That felt nice. I'm still awaiting payment for about $1200 more in work as well. Yay!

The credit card bills were also not as high as I was anticipating this pay day, so I still have a decent amount in checking. Yay!

On the weight loss front, I'm treading water with my fat club intensive workouts. I've been yo-yoing within a few pounds. It no longer is helping me lose.
It's frustrating. I am definitely stronger, and faster, but no thinner. Argh!

I guess my body has adjusted, so it's time for a new and money-saving strategy. I'm going to start distance running. It'll save me the long drive to the gym, as I have a park with a running track a block away and I can use my iPod to track and store info on distance, time, route, etc. using Nike Plus. I singed up for my first 5k ever with a couple of friends. It's on May 12, so I better get moving. I'll be saving me the $190 every six weeks for the fat club fee.

I'm going to try to haggle with the cable company again tomorrow, too. Maybe I can knock another $10 a month off the bill. Fingers crossed.

Ham is on sale this week, so I'm going to load the chest freezer up with two or three of them. Hubby keeps making fun of me, pointing out all the loaves of bread and other items that are "manager's specials" that I fished out of the freezer for this or that. Hey. Gotta save, right? The latest find was organic 2 percent milk for 2.50 a gallon, down from 7.19. I loaded up. There is one thawing on the counter now! I think I like the chest freezer. I feel like I'm getting my money's worth!

4 Responses to “gas saving, pay day, weight loss and ham”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    OMG. I wish I had filled my freezer with that milk! What a great price! Good job!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Me, too on the milk. Organic milk is the most expensive thing in my food budget, but it rarely goes on sale here and then usually only down to $5.49 per gallon.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    It's the one thing I insist on organic. My mom thinks I'm crazy but I won't budge on it. The price just went up to 7.19 a gallon for the store brand ay my grocery. Apparently, no one else wanted to pay that much either, hence the sale! I now drive to Target to buy it, because Horizon is $6.49 a gallon there.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck training for and running your 5K!

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