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Money out out out out out....

September 28th, 2011 at 03:39 am

It's been an expensive week. I'm almost dizzy just thinking about it. It all started with the broken glass on the convection range. Instead of paying $355 to repair the stove we were planning to replace, we went to the scratch and dent appliance place and bought a really nice 5-burner gas range for $599. Plus delivery, plus tax actually equals $715. Ugh.

And, of course, because the new one is gas, we have to have the gas line run by a plumber. Who knows how much that will cost.

I had an energy audit today. Scheduled it forever ago, but still cost $50. Usually they are in the hundreds, but the utility subsidizes them. The bonus: I'll getmy $50 back, plus I'll be getting a rebate of about 40 percent off the cost of insulating the house. A project we planned to do in summer, but held off when we found out about this program. So glad we waited!

Then, like a sucker, I bought two used playmobil sets off of craigslist. For the kids for Christmas. They set me back $70 total, but new would have cost me $220. I hate spending money even if it means I'm saving it!

Then on the way home from the Craigslist pick up I noticed our favorite thrift store was having 50 percent off of everything today. I practically blacked out I stopped the car so fast. I bought two winter coats for the kids, three pairs of designer jeans for me, four kids sweaters, and some other odds and ends for about $26. Score, but still.

Then to add to my week, the keyboard on my laptop went on the fritz. Luckily, it's under warranty, but the new one doesn't arrive for another day or two, and I have work deadlines, so I had to buy a USB keyboard as a very awkward temporary fix, for $10.

Seems like everything is breaking!

4 Responses to “Money out out out out out....”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    That was a great score at the thrift store; don't feel bad about it. I would up-end my car if I saw a half-off sale at a thrift store!

    As for the stove, for a few dollars more you upgraded. Personally, I love cooking with gas, and I hate having electric right now.

    The playmobil sets were a good score, too. Now you won't have to get something at the last minute and overspend.

    Pat yourself on the back!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Sometimes the money just flows out fast! Fingers crossed for more freelance work. Smile

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Deals or not it still hurts when the money flies away so fast! And I hate cooking with electric! I don't know why that was considered high end in the 1950s! (age of every house I've ever lived in....)

  4. Jerry Says:

    Sorry about your keyboard! I was traveling last week and a day before an important meeting my keyboard went on the fritz, too. I was in a pickle because my AppleCare insurance had just expired a month or two ago, and it would be an expensive fix (for my budget). I went to the Apple store in London and this really nice guy replaced it for me for nothing, with the only odd thing being that my keyboard is now British and the keys are slightly different. Still, it was free! Smile Good luck with the new gas range!

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