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Back to being cheap...

July 4th, 2011 at 02:45 pm

Now that the other house is sold, I feel like it's time to try to get a handle on expenses again-- clipping coupons, shopping around for better deals on insurance (almost done), etc. I know I've been paying too much for groceries and just about everything else since February, due to lack of time and energy.

To kick off the season of clipping coupons and buying on sale, I stocked up on all natural hot dogs. They were BOGO, plus I had coupons, so I saved some there. I also bought 3 bags of cat food. It was on sale for about $3 off a bag, plus I had coupons for $1 off. Laundry detergent was also on sale, no coupon, so I bought 3.

I also returned about $40 in items I didn't use or need to Lowe's (bought too much for project) and one sheet to Target, still in package. I needed a fitted but accidentally bought a flat. For me, returning things is a big deal, because I never used to do it. I hate hassles, and I always felt like it was a hassle to return stuff, but now having my money back is worth it.

So, hopefully the dust will settle financially these next couple of weeks and I can figure out how our new-- with mortgage-- budget is going to work. I haven't really been able to save anything while maintaining two houses, so hopefully the outlook will improve and I can get back on track.

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