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Tax refund on the way, and a flurry of home improvement!

March 16th, 2011 at 04:10 pm

Just checked the IRS web site. Our tax refund should arrive shortly, just in time for the house closing. Yay!

We are in super home improvement mode. We've been up late every night sanding, repairing, packing, etc. I have also been shopping for homeowner's insurance for the new house, and I have hired a couple of guys to come in and do some improvements before we move in.

The seller lives in Japan, but the closing is still on track. She has given her realtor power of attorney to sign the documents.

Of course, we are selling stock for part of our downpayment. We can't catch a break. Thanks to all of the madness in Japan, our portfolio lost about $800 in value today. It's frustrating to have to sell when it's down. That means another $800 out of savings for the down payment. Argh. Both stocks and real estate have been bum investments for Gen Xers like me. Makes me wonder if there is anything actually worth putting money in!

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