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Clearly, I need a new plan

February 24th, 2011 at 09:25 pm

We still haven't put the offer in on the new house. I am dragging hubby to go look at three more places Saturday before we sit down with the realtor to make the offer. (I just want to be 100 percent sure!).

I am coming to grips with my terror at not having this place sold before we move or make an offer. Yes, we are in a better position than most people to carry two houses, I just hope it doesn't go on too long or else I will be a landlord. I have always kind of wanted to have rental property, but when I'm ready not because I can't sell!

Anyway, I got a late check today for January freelance projects. It was for $600. Until this whole house whirlwind started, I would have known exactly where to send that check, but today, I realized I need a new plan.

I couldn't help myself. I did send $50 to the car loan and $200 to the kids college ($100 each), but I left the other $350 in the checking account. I guess I should start stashing as much cash as possible whenever it comes in, in a bid to build up reserves to meet our inevitable expenses should we buy the house.

I forgot how much of a racket this whole mortgage loan and moving process is. Loan fees, moving expenses, improvements, it's just money out constantly. It isn't make me feel better.

Hubby is not concerned. He is amped about being able to bike to work and have all of this done and over with with plenty time to spare before kindergarten.
Clearly, I am the worry wort!!

3 Responses to “Clearly, I need a new plan”

  1. mamasita Says:

    How nice it would be to bike to work! If you are going to hold onto the first house, make a just-in-case-you-become-a-landlord plan. Then your anxiety over the deal should decrease, because your action plan is set up. Good luck!

  2. marvholly Says:

    Also, remember how much you will be saving if DH does bike to work instead of driving:
    less gas
    less auto mainenance
    insurance may go down to pleasure use only

    Maybe you could even go to 1 car if you presently have 2. Don't know what part of the country you are so not sure if feasible (rain, snow, cold.....) or if you could give up the car in bad weather or drive him.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Well, the catch is he will drive less, but at least for two more years, I will have to drive more! All of our preschools and such are close to our current neighborhood, so I will have to rive 15 minutes longer each way. But, when the kids are in kindergarten, I can see both of us using the car much much less, because the school is literally .4 miles away and very walkable.

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