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Complete coupon failure

February 21st, 2011 at 02:34 am

So, I made the mistake of sending hubby to the store with the coupons. I had two Colgate toothpastes on the list, because they were free after the sale and double coupons. He promised it would all go according to plan.

So, he comes home and admits that he forgot to use his store loyalty card. That means he paid super full price for all of the groceries. And, that the toothpaste wasn't on sale for 98 cents. AND we both learned that coupons are doubled ONLY when you use the card. Ergo, what was supposed to be two free tubes of toothpaste ended up costing us $3. This is why I do the shopping...

The good news is that I popped by the thrift store and found an amazing gigantic action figure of Sully from Monsters, Inc. It's one of my son's favorite movies. Since the movie is 10 years old, all of toys are all out of print and considered collectible, so finding a Monsters Inc toy is a real treat. I had looked at several similar items, but refused to pay $18 on ebay. I paid 90 cents at the thrift store and he was super excited when I brought it home.

9 Responses to “Complete coupon failure”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the good buy.

    And $3 is a cheap lesson if your hubby will remember to use the loyalty card next time. We all blow it here and there.

  2. snafu Says:

    How wonderful to get a desired toy for such a small cost.

    I wish I could get DH to sick to a list! I think he 'forgets' basics and buys weird things because he knows I won't send him to a store unless I'm too sick to stand up.

  3. mjrube94 Says:

    You can always return them. I'm with rob62521...we've all been there. Lesson learned.

  4. ThriftoRama Says:

    We had a good laugh about it, because he didn't really want to buy it. He saw the stash of 12 tubes I've already gotten for free and is like "really? more toothpaste?"

    It became the joke of the house today. We both had a laugh. But yes, hubby always comes home with weird, random expensive things from the store. Even if I send him with a list, he forgets half of it. I have no idea what he is thinking!

  5. davera Says:

    You are so funny, Thrift-O-R! I never thought about what could constitute a "complete coupon failure!" Good thing you both have a great sense of humor.

    If you really want to drive him crazy, suggest that he take the loyalty card, coupons and receipt back to customer service, and they will refund the $. Guaranteed!

  6. CampFrugal Says:

    You can take your loyalty card and receipt to the service window at your store and they will adjust it for you; and you can get your money back for those items that were on sale.

  7. ThriftoRama Says:

    With two kids under 3 I'm not sure waiting in the very long line at the store is worth the $3.

  8. momcents Says:

    Go to the customer service desk at your grocery store. There shouldn't be much of a line there, at least at my stores there never are.

  9. momcents Says:

    Go to the customer service desk at your grocery store. There shouldn't be much of a line there, at least at my stores there never are.

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