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The to-do list, cell plans and taxes. Oh my!

January 31st, 2011 at 06:43 am

The in-laws are in town, so I managed to sneak out Saturday and have a mostly me day.

I shopped for a new cell plan, and got one, so that is one big thing off the to-do list.

I was paying about $600 a year for plan, and we hardly used it. So, I ended up going with prepaid. I bought the phone for $100, then bought 1000 minutes for $100. So, $200 and the minutes will likely last at least 6 months. At the most, I anticipate we'd pay $300 for a years' worth of service, so in effect, I've cut my bill by about 50 percent and got a much more functional phone.

The rest of the day I actually went shopping and out to dinner and drinks with my sister (it was her b-day.) I dropped a bunch of my clothes off at the consignment store. They only took three things, but paid me $27. Not bad. The rest is going to the thrift store.

Right now I'm in a hotel room with the honey. The in-laws say they can't handle the kids for more than 2 days without us (which ruins any chance of a real vacation, ever.), so we just drove 2 hours away to a ski resort. Hubby snowboarded last night while I sat in the lodge and worked on my novel (once again, back to that list of important to-dos!)

I was planning to ski today, but once again the urge to work on my novel is trumping all desire to ski. It's weird, because I like to ski. I suppose it's good I'm drawn back to the novel. Revising is almost the hardest part, and I never have a big chunk of time like this to concentrate on it. Now is the time!

I was also thinking about what some of the other moms on here have said about to-do lists. You are right. I need to just let it go and not be so stressed out when things don't get done. From now on, I think only very important and timely things are going on the list (like filing income tax...). Little things, like dropping the box off at goodwill, will not be on the list. If it happens, fine. If it doesn't, nothing bad will happen.

So yeah, I'm resolving to keep little things off the list. And only put big things on there that really really need attention-- at some point.

I did finally get two tax forms, and they were handy enough to be the most important. I plugged them in to turbotax, and it looks like we will be able to meet our house saving goal out of the refund. That is great news. I also forgot that hubby sometimes gets a bonus at work. It posts at the end of February.

I haven't decided how to spread that money around. I may just take the money we need to hire the lawyer to do our wills and trusts out of it, then put the rest in savings. We really really need to get those wills done, and this would be a kick in the pants to take care of it. I may also take the $800 or so needed to upgrade our home's electric box-- something we need to do before we sell.

1 Responses to “The to-do list, cell plans and taxes. Oh my!”

  1. laura Says:

    The To-Do list is an enigma if you have any children. I tried to be a Type A over Thanksgiving weekend with inlaws in town, cooking Thanksgiving dinners, hosting a birthday party the following day for 35 dinnner, and then having two days of my daughters' biggest competitions back to back. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I had the wrong shoes for my daughter. Thankfully a friend was there and was able to drive back to my house and get the required shoes. Never again will I think I can do it *all* ...

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