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Terrible couple of days

January 4th, 2011 at 09:20 am

I have been completely stressed-out, irritated, and way angry the last two days.

It all started Sunday. Hubby was supposed to take the kids for a couple of hours so I could get work done on my new freelance gig. he didn't. Plus I got stuck alone with them for 5 hours at my family holiday gathering. Hubby had a cold, and decided to stay home. Uh huh. You can't hang because you've got a cold?

SO, no time to work on my project until the kids went to bed, so I had to stay up until 2 a.m. to get it finished.

Hubby then woke me up at 7:30 by putting the kids on the bed. They jumped up and down on me and scratched at my face (two huge pet peeves first thing in the morning).

I was exhausted all day. I had to start on two more freelance projects that are due Thursday. I made calls and sent emails but as of yet, have had zero response.

Kid 2 didn't take his usual nap while kid 1 was at preschool, and he was in the "I'm going to cry unless you're carrying me around mode." I am so angry and stressed right now. People are counting on me to get things done and I have had zero response. The kids are not giving me five minutes to do anything.

I feel like the world isn't cutting me a break.

13 Responses to “Terrible couple of days”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) I remember when my kids were young and unfortunately some days are just that way. It will get better, it will change.

  2. momcents Says:

    Take a deep breath. Do you have a mom-friend who can take the kids for a bit? Sometimes even 1.5 hours is enough to re-focus. I'd figure out what HAS to be done and do simply that. I'm not an advocate of TV as a babysitter, but I did rely on "Baby Einsteins" tapes (yes, before DVDs!) when I worked at home and had an 18 month old and a 2-1/2 year old.

    You're not alone. For what it's worth, we've all been there if we're honest with ourselves. I hope you can accomplish what you need to. PS. I'd escape when hubby gets home. Smile

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    I gave the kids to hubby and am now decompressing in the basement. Of course the 2.5 year old keeps trying to run down the stairs. Ultimately, my work stress has not defused, as I still have no call backs. Ugh. I feel like I've just taken on too much, but really, it isn't all that much-- it just feels like it when it doesn't gon on schedule.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Can you get to the library today?
    What about a drop in daycare in the future? Or a sitter? "Buy" yourself two quiet hours. The boys will grow up fast and pretty soon it won't be such a problem. Hang in there Thrift! Smile

  5. momcents Says:

    Can you decompress any place other than the basement? Take your laptop to the library or Starbucks! Leaving the place of stress is essential to decompressing. I've been known to walk my dog around the subdivision for a loooong time when I'm PMSing and the kids are imploding! OR send DH to the library with the boys ...

  6. ThriftoRama Says:

    I have to stay near my landline office phone, in the hopes that people will call me back. I can't use the cell in the library.

  7. momcents Says:

    Hopefully those call will come in, so you can leave! Big Grin

  8. ThriftoRama Says:

    They're SLOWLY starting to come in. I'm hoping to have something solid by 5 p.m.

  9. sharmanl Says:

    Stay encouraged. This too shall pass and it will get better. I worked at home when my daughter was 0-2-1/2. It was difficult. Thank God for Sesame Street, Barney, and The Big Blue House. Sure I felt guilty, but I had to get work done, and at least she was learning something. I hired a retired senior citizen to help me part-time, and one summer my 14-year old niece lived with us and babysit. I was there the whole time checking in-n-out to make sure everything was fine. You really do have to get creative and be innovative to make it work. Another tip, work when the kids go to sleep during the day and later at night.

  10. ThriftoRama Says:

    Oh yes. I work a lot of late nights. Pretty much every night really. That works for the writing part. The problem during the day are the phone calls I need to make. The kids yell when they see me on the phone, so I have to have someone wrangle them so I can make calls.

    Now, it's the younger one that is giving me fits. He's 14 months, and I know it's just what he's supposed to be doing, but he cries when if I'm not holding him.

    I send the older one to a friend's house two afternoons a week and two preschool two mornings a week. That used to be enough to get work done, but with the little one becoming more demanding, I get nothing done during that time. I'm going to have to come up with a new plan!!!

  11. miclason Says:

    ((hugs)) sorry I can't be of any more help. Things will get better, I promise!

  12. SavingsQueen Says:

    Sorry you are having stress. Having raised two sons myself who are now 27 and 22, I remember those crazy, intense, frantic, hectic days of trying to balance my work (I was in television) with the kids.

    As an "older mom" though, I hope I can give you some perspective on it. Although it is hard to get through those times, your kids TRULY do grow up quickly. Before you know it they will be in college and then GONE. In fact, it happens so fast that when they leave you will sit there with your head spinning like I did. Now, I LONG for the days I had my kids at home. Looking back, I realized that, although at the time I thought my to-do lists were all important, they really weren't the most important thing (although they were sometimes important to keep food on the table for every one). If I had to do it all over again, I would make WAY MORE time in my life for my kids. I am not judging you at all, because I used to feel very much as you feel. I just wish I could have somehow listened to all those older moms who told me to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY MY CHILDREN. They truly are your most precious gift. Bless you and you family.

  13. MonkeyMama Says:

    SavingsQueen - very well said. My kids are almost 6 & 8, and I can't believe how fast they have grown already!

    The sleepless nights and stress of young ones seems like a distant memory to me. Though it was one of the most difficult periods in my life, for sure. I suppose all I Can say (& I have said before) this is a small space in time and it will get easier.

    That said, I think the age my kids are at now is easy peasy. I don't know a lot of parents that agree. If you don't give yourself permission to slow down, it may never get any easier.

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