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thrift scores and savings goals

December 17th, 2010 at 07:01 am

I had a bady day with the kids yesterday, so as soon as hubby got home from work, I split for some me time. I decided to hit the thrift store. I have always loved thrifting, but haven't really done much since we've had kids and all of our free time has disappeared into the ether.

I am soooo glad I went. I got a pair of snowpants for the youngest, for $2.50. I also got him a new (to him) winter coat for $3.25. (We broke the zipper on his this week.) I got a 90 cent John Deere tractor still in the package for a stocking stuffer, and a great battery-powered Thomas train for $2. I picked up six toy dinosaurs for my friends' son (30 to 60 cents each), a sweater and a pair or work out pants for me. I got out of there for less than $25, and with a lot of useful goodies. It was also just nice to be able to quietly shop and take my time. That NEVER happens these days.

On the savings front, I put $400 toward the kids' college, so I'm about $95 / son short on the 2010 goal. I will pop that into their accounts on payday, and the goal will be met.

My freelance check is late (as usual). When it arrives, I will top off my IRA ($50 to go, but I may go over), and pay more toward the car.

I still get a little upset when I look at our $10,300 savings goal and only see a 3 in front of my progress. Really, we'd saved 8,000, but as you recall, hubby decided to give it to his spend thrift friend to get him out of a bind. He said he's repay us in 60 to 90 days. Yeah. Uh huh.

It's been 6 months and we haven't hears a single word from him, EXCEPT asking hubby to go on a lake Tahoe ski trip with him. Really? You can't pay your property taxes but you can go to Lake Tahoe. I'm steamed. How about you give us-- and our two kids-- your Lake Tahoe money, dude?

Can you tell I'm still bitter?

4 Responses to “thrift scores and savings goals”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Great finds! I would be bitter about that money too. I really dislike people who take other people's money with the promise to repay and do not.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Us mom's need more time outs like that one! I would be bitter, too. There are a couple of ways to look at it: a lesson for you DH and/or a gift (that he likely won't repeat with this friend, or any other.) Knowing how you handle money, you will still get to accomplish your goals...just keep writing down those big money goals for freelance income!

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    I know it meant a lot of hubby to help his friend, whom he's known all of his life and is like a brother to him. I get that. I need to let it go, but I'm having a hard time. But then again, if he managed his money better, he wouldn't have had to borrow from us-- people who routinely pay their property taxes even if it means SKIPPING the ski trip!

  4. Ima saver Says:

    That would really upset me too. He is going on a ski trip and he owes you money??? What?? I do hope you get your money back some day!!

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