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2011 freelance money plan

December 7th, 2010 at 07:29 am

Given my potential new gig for next year I have to recalculate how I allocate my regular freelance income to meet my goals. Sorry to be boring. This is more for me, so I know how much of each check to send to each account.

50 percent to IRA, until maxed out at $5,000
about 35 percent to kids extra college saving, for total of $4,000
Divide up the last 15 percent or so to extra car payments and taxes, $1350 each, for total of $2,700

This is only if the freelance gig I mentioned yesterday actually pans out. There is still a small chance it won't, but it likely will.

I still intend to pursue work above and beyond this. All extra work money will be split between the new house fund and paying off the car. Likely not a 50-50 split. Probably more 75 -25, to boost the house fund.

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