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Declutter challenge and house homework...

December 5th, 2010 at 02:16 pm

I just added a declutter challenge to the goals on my sidebar. I always always always feel like we are drowning in too much stuff, so away it must go!

Yesterday, I took one large box of items we don't use to the Goodwill. I also sold a toy on craigslist, for $10, that the kids have outgrown. I put that money in the piggy bank.

I have also gathered up one 20-gallon storage bin of toys the kids aren't in love with, and am taking them to Once Upon a child tomorrow. That (if any) money will also go in the piggy bank.

I have also posted my grandparents' cedar chest on craigslist. It is damaged, and I have no room for it. No other family member wanted to take it. No takers so far, although one no show. That is the frustrating part.

I also sold a bunch of clothes to a resale shop, and need to go by and pick up whatever money I got for them. That's the thing about babies-- even if you lose the weight, you're shaped differently, so all the nice clothes you splurged on and collected through the years have to go to someone else!

My plan is to sell, sort and donate my way to less stuff. Any money we get from selling will go into the piggy bank, which we empty of change and bills twice a year. The money will go to whichever goal is lagging behind at the time, or may just go straight to the new house fund.

Speaking of new houses, hubby and I went out to lunch in one of the neighborhoods where we are thinking of moving. It had a good vibe. Close to interesting places to eat, parks, etc. and we liked the housing stock. It looks a lot like where we already live, with solid 1950s rambler ranches with yards similar in size to ours, only with some of the best schools in the state.

I think it made us feel more on the same page about our choice to move for schools, and showed us that we are going to have a lot of options for houses that we both like. It was a good trip.

On the budget front, bad news. Hubby busted the weekly budget by buying $600 worth of soccer tickets, hard drives and coffee. Oh well. He doesn't ever buy anything, and these were expected expenses. I just didn't expect them all at once or right before Christmas. I'll have to talk to him about his timing...

3 Responses to “Declutter challenge and house homework...”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    It must be a month for busting budgets! Smile The declutter goal sounds good... DF has a habit of bringing home stuff every day that he's been given, found or bought from an opshop. *sigh* our house is probably similar Big Grin

  2. Aleta Says:

    My cousin inherited a cedar chest as well with no place for it. She eventually came upon an idea to put it in her bay windows with cushions on top of it and she put a small shelf of each side. Looks quite cute and looks like a bench seat. She uses it for her bed linens and items in her bedroom and bath.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    We used to use ours for blankets, etc. We had it in our guest room. It was great. But now, both of our guest rooms are gone and are filled with babies and kids toys. It's been in our living room. It's just too big. I hung onto it forever because it was my grandparents', but it's time to let it go. I asked all our other relatives, but they weren't interested, so I guess it's okay to sell or donate it.

    Whitestripe-- I feel the same way. Our house is 1400 sq. feet, with two tall adults and two large toddlers. Toys are everywhere. We bring things in-- mostly consumables, but not always-- it's time for things to go out!

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