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November 11th, 2010 at 01:37 am

Ugh. It's been a terrible week. Hubby and all of the kids had the flu, and, um, how shall I say-- had it coming from both ends. It was terrible. Then, as soon as they were well, I got hit with it. Hubby had to take yesterday off of work to take care of me, but had to go back today. Thank god for Grandma. She showed up this morning with a can of lysol in one hand and sprayed the entire place. She took care of the kids until bedtime so I could have another day to recover. Boy did I need it.

It was a fast and furious flu, and I hadn't felt that knocked out in a long time. Let's hope it's all done and over with. Our littlest's first birthday is Friday and we are having a party Sunday. I want everyone to be healthy for the big day.

In other news, the piggy bank was full, so I cashed it out for an Amazon gift card at the local Coinstar. It turned out to be $92. I had no idea that little bank could hold so much money!

They don't charge you the sorting fee if you get a gift certificate, which is fine with me, because I had planned to shop Amazon anyway. I used it to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. I am just about finished with shopping for them. Maybe a few more things for the littlest, and then done. And all this before thanksgiving. I used to be so last minute. I guess having kids has made me into a planner!

In other positive money news, I got a $600 check for freelance work. I sent an extra $100 to the car loan, $200 to the kids' college funds, and put $300 in my IRA. I have one more check coming this year, for about $750. I will use that to reach my IRA goal for the year, and then split up the remaining $350 between the college funds and the car loan again. Feels nice to make progress, even if it is small.

4 Responses to “Back to the living”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Hope you feel better! Sounds like one of those nasty Norwalk (sp?) viruses.

  2. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Ick! It sounds like you and your family have had a tough week. Yay for a MIL helping out.

  3. campfrugal Says:

    That is so stressful when everybody is sick. Glad your feeling better.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Glad everyone is getting better!

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