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Drowning in toys

November 4th, 2010 at 03:25 pm

Ugh. I am drowning in baby toys. More accurately, tripping over them, stepping on them in the middle of the night, and feeling defeated trying to clean them up only to have them dumped out again.

I feel like I keep donating and selling baby items, but the deluge has not yet been tamed. Any tips on how to tame the baby chaos that has taken over my house?

I'm sure it's not fun for the kids either, to always be living in a jumbled mess of toys.

I have tried rotating toys, but it only half works, and I have lovely IKEA storage cabinets with bins, but Bean likes to pretend he's a garbage man and dump it all out. Help!

4 Responses to “Drowning in toys”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I must be getting too old...I can't remember what we did at those ages. You might try making a game out of picking up. How many toys can we put away before the timer goes off? Have a 2-5 minute tidy up several times a day, but if he is clearly playing with something it can stay out.

    Or if toy x has been played with already put it up higher so it is done being played with for the day.

  2. PrincessPerky Says:

    I have 5 kids in a small house, we have to be RUTHLESS with cutting down the number of toys, and that means more toys get played with.

    Really having less means there is less temptation to dump them, and then the overwhelming feeling of living in a dump.

    Enlist the kids help in sorting out make a simple rule (that you try not to break) IE for every 1 kept one has to go. (or more, whatever)

    Then make sure you enlist the kids help in cleaning every day, and set a date to go through the stuff again. (if they can dump, they can fill)

    In my family the extended gift givers have started to notice that nothing stays long unless it is high quality and worth it, so they tend to buy less stuff, and some of them aim to make what they do buy high quality.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    I have an empty bin. Tomorrow, I am going to fill that bin with toys to donate. It's really out of control, and Christmas is coming.

  4. Homebody Says:

    Ally does the same thing, dumps stuff out just to see them get dumped out. So I have started making her put whatever she is playing with away before dumping anymore out.

    Each evening my daughter and Ally put everything away. I am usually in bed, but I hear them singing, Cleanup, cleanup....some song from some kid show and the livingroom is clean when I get up!

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