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The wait is over

March 26th, 2010 at 05:06 pm

Phew. My 5-figure tax refund and my freelance checks for Jan. and Feb arrived today. I can finally move out of money limbo and move on with my life!

I used all of the tax refund to meet savings goals. I almost feel like I cheated, but hey, whatever fills up the savings account, right?

It will put us much closer to our general savings and our college savings goals for the year.

Now that the freelance checks arrived, I can file my quarterly taxes, then move the remaining money into my IRA and into the tiki bar fund.

Limbo is still on for the kitchen renovation. The electrician is coming Sunday to disconnect the cooktop and install an outlet, the countertops are being installed monday and the plumber will hopefully come Tuesday to install the gas line and then Tah Dah! I hope we love the kitchen.

It will be just in the nick of time, as another burner went out on our cooktop today, so we are down to one.

6 Responses to “The wait is over”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    five figure tax refund??? how do you get one of those...the most I ever got was for about 3grand. Is it normal to get more than that?

  2. Analise Says:

    That's great... a much better situation to be in than owing a five figure underpayment like us! :-(

  3. thriftorama Says:

    It isn't always that much. We have two kids but we still do withholding like we're single people. We withhold a lot so we don't end up having to pay a bunch at tax time on our freelance income, which varies significantly every year.

  4. thriftorama Says:

    Analise, I've had to pay up to $30,000 some years. Never again!

  5. Homebody Says:

    You did not cheat! Especially after reading your explanation about large refund. That was your money that you earned... the government was just saving it for you!

  6. ThriftoRama Says:

    I didn't mean cheat on my taxes, I mean cheat on my savings goal by using my refund instead of saving money out of every check...

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