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peddling backwards in '10

February 10th, 2010 at 12:30 am

Okay, so 2010 isn't going swimmingly savings wise. I've had to take money out of savings to cover bills the last two months, hence the reason my savings goals have increased from $10,000 to $12,000.

I guess I should expect it. This time of year is usually pretty thin as far as money because we have to pay our property tax, home owners and car insurance, gym memberships (not a normal gym, a community center with lots of stuff for the kids, so it's worth it). This year is no different than most.

We usually start getting ahead again in March, because the bills are paid, we file our taxes and often get a refund, and sometimes hubby gets an annual bonus at work. This year, though, who knows.

On the upswing, I have lost 3 pounds, so 7 more and I will be in good shape. I'm too cheap to pay for yoga classes, so I use the DVR to tape shows off of FitTV, and bean and I sneak downstairs while Squiddy is napping to do a 20-minute show. It's kind of fun.

I am also planning to sell some of the supplies from my craft closet and do a craft show with a friend later this year, and will put the proceeds into the tiki bar fund. Last craft show, I had profits north of $300 for about a week's worth of sewing and a fun day at the booth.

When I get my first freelance checks of the year, I will put some of that toward my IRA, the tiki fund, and self-employed tax bill. Can't wait to get those checks!

On another note, I started the savings accounts for the babies. We are giving them each $1 a week in allowance, plus adding in money from gifts and such. I figure we'll get a jump on savings before they like to buy stuff!

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