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New year, new me?

December 31st, 2009 at 02:47 am

It's been a hard five years. In 2005, our lives hit an oil patch. Our lives changed over night because of a hurricane, so we sold our house, found new jobs, bought a house 1000 miles north.

A couple of months after we got settled my grandmother died. Then, seven months later, grandpa died. I was devasted, but I wasn't through the worst yet.

Six months after grandpa died I found out I was pregnant, then six months after that I found out my dad had terminal cancer. We all just prayed he'd live long enough to meet his only grandson.

When baby Bean was 3 months old, dad died. And when Bean was 11 monts old, we found out he was going to be a big brother.

It's been six weeks since Baby Bean Too arrived. we get 2 hours a sleep a night at a time. Things are hectic with a toddler and a newborn.

It's been nonstop action for 5 years, and frankly, I need to regroup.

So, it's a new year. What better time to at least put some thought into regrouping??

I'll probably post some silly ruminations along those lines int he next couple of days.

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow, when you put it all together like that it's so overwhelming! You're right, it's a great time to regroup and figure out where you are and where you're going. You've survived and kept your head above water, so it's also time to celebrate! Smile

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