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Am I finally back on the horse?

July 19th, 2009 at 02:49 am

It seems like forever since we've actually been able to put any money in the savings account. It seems like every month we had a big expense that just wiped out all of the extra.

I had ambitious savings goals for this year, but let's face it. Thanks to the economy, our income has dropped off. My freelance income has dropped by 75 percent. My husband's side income has almost completely dried up, leaving us one pay check and not a lot of side work pay to meet the goals. We are treading water as a result.

We have a second baby on the way. That isn't helping. The Bean was such a difficult infant that we have been taking a lot of short trips and going out to dinner a lot, in anticipation of having absolutely NO life once the second baby arrives. I know that's kind of terrible, but we also know how hard it's going to be to have two boys under 2.

Maybe when Bean Too is born, we will be able to save because we won't be doing ANYTHING for 6 months or more!

Anyway, it's time to be more careful and to prioritize again. I think we managed to sock way $450 this month because I was more deliberate. We also didn't go anywhere.

I'm hoping to keep that up. I am currently doing a lot of cleaning and decluttering around the house. I guess my maternal nesting instinct is kicking in. I feel compelled to get rid of extraneous belongings and to empty out closets to make room for another person. Luckily, cleaning and donating are free.

I do have some house projects that I would like to have finished before the new bean arrives, namely repairing our half bath in the kitchen. the toilet wasn't seated correctly, so the floor needs to be replaced and the toilet redone so it doesn't leak. And, I'd like to have ceiling fans installed in both of the kids' rooms and in the kitchen. More of a nice upgrade and a comfort thing than a necessity. I have no idea how much the fan electrical work will cost. They would be replacing recessed light fixtures. Is that a big deal? I really need to call the electrician!!

6 Responses to “Am I finally back on the horse?”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    welcome back!!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    you never know, this new one on the way could be a dream! i have heard that happen to quite a few people, the first is a handful and the second one is like an angel. not that they're not all angels... some are just a little difficult...

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Congrats on putting some money away. Some months/years are like that. I do hope bean too is an easier baby for you. If so, you may end up going out more than you think, since the baby can sleep while you are out and about!

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My mom's first was a sleepless wonder who also walked at five months(!), which was a tremendous safety problem. He was also a climber and very strong physically. In these days would probably be diagnosed ADHD. But her second, 2 years later was an always quiet, composed, and sweet angel baby. He still is to this day, while the rest of offspring are more toward the middle of the curve. She got the two extremes with her first two babies....Eh, good luck on getting an angel baby....Is the Bean letting you have any sleep yet? Too bad we cannot stock up on sleep.

  5. thriftorama Says:

    Bean does sleep, thankfully, but it took us 6 months and many crying fits to get him to sleep through the night. He is very physical. I am not going to count on the next one being easier. I'm just going to hope he's not any worse! Either way, I think we will have our hands too full to go out much, so it may be a boon to our savings account.

  6. baselle Says:

    Congratulations on socking away $450 this last month despite trying circumstances. I think most of us are treading water fiscally these days.
    Good luck with Bean Also (another way of saying To, Two, Too). Big Grin

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