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Up to me knees in snow

January 28th, 2009 at 06:39 am

Well, it's pretty snowy here. We had six inches over the weekend, 3 more yesterday, 4 more last night, and we're supposed to get 6 more today. Geesh! I went to the grocery store yesterday, so as long as we have electricity (for the furnace), we should be OK. I made hubby work from home today so I didn't have to worry.

It's his b-day. He is 36 today. We probably won't be able to go out to dinner due to weather, so I made him some choco chip cookies.

In other news, January was a very expensive month. In addition to the biggies like property tax, homeowners insurance, car registrations, we also paid for three new energy star windows, a trip to New Orleans, season tickets for MLS soccer, a 2-year zoo membership, and some other odds and ends.

The good news is we managed to do all of this without going completely broke or dipping too much into the savings. I'm pretty happy about that.

We also stayed under our grocery and gas budget, amazingly.

I have had a steady stream of freelance work, which is refreshing. Freelancing is feast or famine. Either you are in the weeds with too much or don't have anything for months, so the slow and steady has made me pretty happy.

I managed to miraculously muster the energy to work on my home office last night as well. Hubby and I each have our own "rooms" in the basement, so we have someplace that is totally ours to escape to. His is a manspace with video games, wall to wall bookcases, TV, etc.

I have an office in the basement with a walk in closet. I have all of my graphic design needs-- computer, scanner, printer, racks of books and vintage magaines, a sewing table and machine, piles of fabrics, etc. My office has become an abandoned dumping ground since the bean was born and I am finally getting around to cleaning it. I decided to repaint and redecorate to make it more of a lounge, where I can get work done or escape and have some peace from children and from in-laws (mostly in-laws!)

So, I have decided on a Polynesian theme (surprise!). I painted three walls a neutral beige. These are going to house my postcards and strange souvenirs from my world travels (in yet to be determined displays). I am painting the 4th wall in a bold accent color and installing floor to ceiling adjustable bookcases. The bookcases will be hidden behind a beaded curtain printed with Hawaii motifs. (These are very cool). With clever arrangement of furniture, I will also be able to fit in a lounge chair and maybe a corner for painting. My basement office is about the same size as our bedroom, although a different shape. It's really a bonus, because the basement is as big as the upstairs of our house (Go 1950s!), and this room lends itself really well to a workspace for me. It's tucked away in a hidden part of the house that no one even realizes is there when they visit.

Sorry for rambling! I have a lot on my mind.

3 Responses to “Up to me knees in snow”

  1. Koppur Says:

    We are moving into a 3 bedroom apt next month, and one bedroom will be our actual bedroom. The second will be BFs room. Mostly books, computer, video games, etc. The third bedroom is my room and I am making it my Spiritual room. Luckily the apt has a sep room for an office, so I get one of those, too. Have fun decorating and post some pics when you are done. Smile

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    You have to post some pictures when you get it done!

  3. thriftorama Says:

    I will do some more painting tonight. My goal is also to hang the bamboo shades and the new adjustable bookshelves this weekend. Of course, plans can go awry! But I am feeling extra determined. Maybe because the in-laws are invading next week and I want someplace to get some peace!

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