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How I made money with the $20 challenge

December 31st, 2008 at 08:00 am

I thought I would do a round-up of where the money came from for my 2008 $20 challenge. Maybe it will give me some new ideas for 2009 and let me know where my efforts were best spent. I'd also like to know how you made your $20 challenge money. The more ideas the better!

Percentage of freelance work: $511.75
Web craft sales:$411.89
Google Adsense:$259.66
Tax rebates/refunds:$184.00
Change jar: $142.19
Misc Web projects (writing): $114.83
eBay: $54.82
Amazon marketplace: $45.52
ING referrals:$35
Etsy: $28.67
CafePress: $26.20
Tiki Savings account interest: $24.60
lotto tickets: $10

OK, so looking at those numbers, in 2009 I could:
- probably do better with eBay. I have stuff to sell, I just rarely post auctions.
-I will add a yard sale into the mix in June.
-CafePress was a surprise. I poste a few designs, spent little effort, and got a check. I will post more designs this year and promote them a bit and see if I can make more on this. It's my kind of gig, creative and with zero capital outlay.

Web craft sales and misc Web writing gigs not related to my day job were bigger money makers than I suspected. I will put more effort into these in 2009.

Tell me about your best $20 challenge projects for the year!

2 Responses to “How I made money with the $20 challenge”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I got back $700 from my Chase mastercard rewards program. I budget $160 a month for electricity and put the amount under budget into the challenge. I save any extra checks I receive from rebates, surveys, etc.

  2. Amber Says:

    Looks to me as though you did great with the challenge. I use to (and just started back up) match what I spend on dining out. So if I spent $10 then $20 was added. In addition, I would round up my change and add it as well

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