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Election Party supplies

November 4th, 2008 at 05:33 pm

Every presidential election, we host an election party. We print out maps of the U.S. with the electoral votes for each state and each guest makes their prediction using red and blue crayons. As we watch the returns, we fill in the "actual" map. Whoever's guess map is the closest to actual wins a tacky trophy and fake gold medal. It's fun. Tonight we are cooking on the grill, then popping popcorn for return watching. I'm expecting maybe 10 people. It should be fun. Happy voting everyone!

2 Responses to “Election Party supplies”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    sounds like fun! I am attending an early party but will be home by 9pm. I don't think I could handle being around a large group of people if it's bad news for my guy...I don't think it will be but I am not being too confident...I guess I am superstitious!
    Have fun tonight!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:


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