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reprioritized financial goals

October 7th, 2008 at 07:42 am

I readjusted some of the yearly savings goals. I am now diverting what should have gone into the stock brokerage account into the regular savings account. I have already put $2500 into the brokerage this year, so I m satisfied with that. And, seeing as I have already put another $11k into the market since all of is nonsense took root, I'm comfortable diverting funds to the EF for a while.

So, another $1,000 will hopefully be added to the savings account instead of the brokerage account this year.

All of this market nonsense also has me focused on our one debt: My student loan. We have viewed it basically as a nonentity, but now having that one debt and a $300 monthly payment for it is really bothering me, so I am planning to try extra hard to knock some principal off of that and come up with a pay-off plan.

I do have a $300 freelance check coming soon, and the plan now is to put 1/2 into savings and the other half toward the student loan. But we'll see. Plans change.

2 Responses to “reprioritized financial goals”

  1. elicia tamburine Says:

    i read about you on Tiki Talk ~ what etsy items do you have for sale? i couldnt find a link on your blog!

  2. thriftorama Says:

    My etsy link is here

    Could you send me the link on Tiki Talk?
    I'm flattered!

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