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Taxes filed, extra freelance coming in, life is good...

March 16th, 2008 at 03:55 pm

The last 1099 finally arrived, so I finished our state and federal taxes. It was almost a wash. We qualified for a $1,130 Federal refund but then had to pay about $900 to the state. So, we have about $200 to spare tax wise. Like a geek, I've already transferred it to the savings account.

I also earned a good chunk freelancing this month. I got a gig covering a securities fraud trial in Ohio for a news service. I've managed to put in a good 70 hours on this project this month. That is welcome money, considering we're two weeks away from having our first baby.

I may be able to earn some more from a related trial this week, but at 38 weeks pregnant, big as a house and swelling ankles, the wood courthouse benches don't seem that appealing. (The bailiffs also keep asking me if they need to go boil water...)

Still, I think I should try to work as much as possible while I still don't have to worry about babysitters...

Last week was a good week for freelancing because also published another one of my stories, so that is more to the IRA. Between these two projects and another Bankrate project, it looks like I'll be able to max out my IRA by May this year. That feels good.

After that, the hubby may let me use some of my writing money to fund the future tiki bar fund. At least, I have my fingers crossed.

Otherwise, March has been a slow month, as you can see from my Tiki calculations on the sidebar. Only about $20 has gone into the fund so far and the month is halfway over. Oh well, I guess I should expect that number to go down when I have to focus so much of my energy on my main income stream.

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  1. baselle Says:

    That's cool that you are writing for, I read that site.

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