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Using the change jar to get closer to my goals...

January 10th, 2008 at 05:36 pm

It's that time of year again. Time to empty the giant plastic beer bottle "piggy" bank. It's the receptacle for all of my spare change, linty pennies I picked up on the street, as well as my go-to guy for bus fare and parking meter money. When it gets overwhelming, I empty it out. It's been about a year.

This year, with my honey's blessing, I'm putting that money in the Tiki Bar Fund. This will probably be the last big "easy" boost the fund will get this year. A sad thought considering it's only early January. I'm actually going to have to go out and (somehow) earn the rest.

I rolled as many coins as I could last night while watching television. Holl-ee cow. When I counted, I had $112. I also cashed in pennies at the Coinstar, for a total of $26.19.

I know, I know. Coinstar charges 8.9 percent to sort, but I ran out of wrappers and my bank won't take loose change. I wrapped all of the silver, so it's worth it to me to pay $2 or so just to get those pennies off my hands. I guess that isn't very thrifty of me, but I'm choosing my battles.

I went to the bank this morning to deposit all of my ill-gotten gains. This afternoon, I'll transfer it into the official Tiki Bar Fund online savings account.

The grand total: The pennies came to $26.19, for a grand total of $138.19 in change. Plus, I found a bonus $4-- a lottery ticket that my mom gave me for Christmas, so I'm adding $142.19 to the fund. Yay! I'm now up to $392.19!

Now the real work can begin.

6 Responses to “Using the change jar to get closer to my goals...”

  1. Aleta Says:

    My bank gives me the coin wrappers when I ask for them. Especially since you just took money in there to them rolled up. Good job! Every little bit counts.

  2. baselle Says:

    Sweet - but the counting coin situation is so icky for me that I often will make reverse change in my little tip box. Dangerous, though, because if you see a $5 or a $10, then it looks like spendable money and you have to stay strong to keep from dipping into it.

  3. Nic Says:

    WTG! This is like "found" money. Smile

  4. Nika Says:

    Commerce bank has free coin machines - you don't even have to be a customer

  5. Carolina Bound Says:

    I stopped saving coins. I try to spend them. But I save dollar bills. They are much easier to deal with in the long run!

  6. thriftorama Says:

    I wouldn't say we "save" coins, we just have a habit of emptying our pockets of everything when we come home every day. Then, when we clean the house, we inevitably are scooping up little piles of change from every surface. Those all go to the jar. We try to spend it, but it's hard to keep up, especially with pennies. I regularly hit up the jar for things like bus fare and parking meters.

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