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It's ready.... almost. $40 staging, and other news.

May 23rd, 2011 at 08:05 pm

My goal is to list the house for sale on Friday. We are ready to go, except for putting another coat of paint on the door in the kitchen, replacing the sunporch carpet (taking care of both of these tomorrow), and scrubbing the floors.

Stanley Steemer actually quoted me $600 to clean the wood floors and carpet in my 1450 square foot house. With a straight face!! So hubby and I are renting the equipment and doing it ourselves for about $80 on Friday.

You thrifty design geeks will like this. I managed to buy all the curtains I needed to Designed to Sell my entire house at various thrift stores, for about $40. That is pretty cheap for curtains for 5 rooms. And they are nice curtains too! I also bought a beautiful fabric to slipcover my diner booth-- for $1.99. It was even still on the cardboard bolt thing from the fabric store. Boy do I love thrifting.

So, we will hopefully sign the papers with the realtor, roll out the staging furniture, take the pictures, and then plop that for sale sign in the yard by end of day Friday. That is my timelines at least, if the stars align.

It's an exciting prospect. painting, repairing and cleaning that house has been my third full-time job for more than a month, and boy am I ready to move on with my life!

I'm meeting with two new realtors on Wednesday. I wasn't impressed with our last realtor. Seemed like his MO was to just list houses for fire sale prices so he didn't have to do any real work. Um, no. So we're exploring our options. Hopefully one of the two will work out. One just listed a house down the street, which was only for sale a short time until it sold. He clearly knows how to price a house to sell. Fingers crossed!

in other news, I haven't put one penny into the savings account since we bought this house. So sad. The good news is that nothing has come out yet either. We've been paying the mortgage and all the money on repairs, etc. to the other out of cash flow, so all of that is positive. It occurred to me that it is very weird to not save anything. It also made me realize how "rich" we would feel if we just spent everything we made! (don't worry guys, I'm not!)

And in other other news. It's ill-timed, given how busy I am, but I did land yet another monthly freelance contract. It's only once a month, short but interesting, and pays about $100. My goal at the beginning of the year was to increase my income by about $300. Then magically, I got a contract for $400. Now this, so I am up to $500 a month in additional, steady income. It feels nice to knock a goal out of the park!

And those of you following my paycheck woes will be happy to know one of the companies I work for is now offering direct deposit. No more lost checks in the mail.

On a sad note, my great aunt died this weekend. She was 90. Same age as her mother-- my great grandmother-- when she died. I think 90 is a pretty good run, don't you?

2 Responses to “It's ready.... almost. $40 staging, and other news. ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Will we get to see pictures of the house once you have it staged? I'd love to see at some point.

    I think you are spot on regarding that realtor that recently sold a nearby home. Good luck!!

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    You might be able to convince me to do that!

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