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The cost of baby bean, part 2

May 15th, 2008 at 07:50 pm

Beanie is officially 6 weeks old. Boy has it been exhausting! He's still not sleeping through the night. But I digress...

Before I had him I had a lot of anxiety about how much having a baby was really going to cost us.

So far, the answer is $385 a month. Of course this will change, but it's the first concrete figure I have.

It is as follows:
$200 to 529 college savings act
$60 in extra insurance premiums
$15 pediatrician copay for monthly visit
$50 in diapers and misc., but that is estimating high.
$60 for breast pump rental

It's not as bad as I had expected.

I suspect it is so low as well because he still eats 90 to 95 percent breast milk every day. we are supplementing with formula so I can get some sleep, but we received so many free samples that we could use the free stuff for months before having to buy any.

The diapers are hit or miss.I have reusable cloth diapers but we don't use them exclusively because in many situations, they leak. The last thing I need is to have him wake up too many times at night because his clothes are soaked through, so it's worth it to use some disposables. We pay probably $13 every 10 days or less for disposables. I also included odds and ends, like special baby laundry detergent in this total.

Not too shabby.

7 Responses to “The cost of baby bean, part 2”

  1. Amber Says:

    I am happy for you and your little tike. I also think it is great that you have started saving for college

  2. klbb90 Says:

    Smart move starting the college fund so early!

  3. aevans1206 Says:

    What kind of cloth diapers are you using? There are some great ones out there that are a tad pricy, but in the end hold up to cost well. They have covers too, so they won't leak:


    Fuzzibuns is one brand...I can't remember the guys I bought (we didn't use them because breastfeeding turned out to be so immense that I decided that was enough mother earth for me at the time).

  4. mooshocker Says:

    God bless you and your baby and your family. Great job saving for college now. Keep up the goals and remember, his sleeping patterns will get better.

  5. thriftorama Says:

    I'm using Happy Heiny's diapers. I chose them because they got the best reviews, but they aren't as great as I had hoped. They are OK during the day, but at night, not so much, even with double stuffing!

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Our eldest was exclusively cloth diapered but the younger one refused to sleep in them pretty much. We figured if we put him in disposables he'd sleep longer. Well worth it! So we weren't so good the second time around.

    Not bad on the expenses! For us our health insurance was $100/month before kids and today runs closer to $800/month today for the fam. Between that & preschool they cost about $1400/month. Though the latter is clearly luxury. Wink The rest of the stuff is minimal though. I am sure I posted as much before (the kicker is lost wages, childcare, health insurance, etc. Food and clothes and accessories can be had rather cheaply, as you are finding).

  7. Sarah Van Bogart Says:

    Yes, unfortunately Happy Heiny's do leak. And that stinks, but seriously try a couple other brands, find one that you like and sell your used diapers that you don't like on www.DiaperSwappers.com!! Cloth diapers are NOT supposed to leak, if they do, something is wrong.
    Good luck!

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